Q & A (excepts from Interviews)

How did the Moonbabies first form?

We met through music school gymnasium in 1995, although we had had a brief occasional meeting, where I feel totally head over heels in love with Carina, although she didn’t care/notice at the time. So after we started dating, we starting busking on the streets playing covers, Kristin Hersh, The Smahing Pumpkins, R.E.M., Pixies, Lemonheads etc. that kind of 90s indie stuffmix. And it really worked through our voices, it just melted together nicely. Even if we swore not to ruin anything by starting a band, we naturally did. This Summer, we’re celebrating our 20 year together, 5 years of marriage, and 18 year anniversary of Moonbabies. Isn’t that a pretty cool thing?

It has been several years since The Moonbabies released an album. How has the hiatus worked for you?

It’s been a rollercoaster. Alternating between the feel of happiness over the new songs, and the nightmarish hellish feeling of never being able to finish it. We started the whole album over 30 times or more. From scratch! It’s a long, long horrible story. I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy what we went through the last 7 years, but at the same time, some (or most) artists will sooner or later bump into that life-crisis where things just needed to take a turn, and we really are feeling fantastic about the new album. Ambitions broke us down basically. Making a great album just wasn't enough. And for every week or month that past while working on 'Wizards on the Beach' we sunk deeper and deeper into a hellish place, where problems just stacked up upon problem. After many years, with tons of self-criticism and doubts, we had started the ’album’ process at least 30 times over. Re-wrote songs and tried new arrangements, worked day and night. Nothing was good enough and our whole perspective was gone, and the stress killed the rest of creativity. We were basically down to quitting. Until one day we just found back to our original core. Finding back to that place of making music that is free and personal and melodic, and fun to do and without betraying any artistic sensibilities. Just to cut away all bad memories and just focus on the songs that made the hairs on our arms stand up. We’re also 100,000 hours richer in studio experience, which now is a blessing, things are just going FAST again.

Tell us a bit a more about yourselves and Moonbabies. It’s a beautiful name, where did it come from?

Thank you, we think so too. The name was chose since we’re recording and working with music at night. Putting lots of nuances and love into the moon songs. Nighttime & Full moon is inspirational for so many of our songs. There's something special happening while you're working at night. It's completely quiet and you get as isolated from the rest of the world as possible, and as you probably can hear in our music, it's very much about catching that "dream world". It's like we need to put ourselves into that solitude to get connected to the deeper sense and playfulness of our subconsciousness to be able to write.

Your first album June & Novas is very different to your new release Wizards on the beach.  How would you describe that evolution, is that just part of growing up or something more sentimental?

Well there's definitive a huge timegap between those albums, 15 years. That person you were in your early twenties compared to the person you are 15 years later has a wider/different musical taste and not least thousand and thousand of more experience of life, of songwriting and of studio experience. Whereas we could be over the moon excited about doing a shoegazy-lo-fi guitar song back then, we have over the years become more and more selective and ambitious when doing music. Both for good and worse. The naive wide-eyed happiness is gone, and replace by more maturity. However, I'm still proud of the records we've made. 'June and Novas' is a great album, flawed but fun and inspired. And even if there's a big difference, I still hear and feel the Moonbabies signature printed all over every album. It’s something about the chords and our voices and melodies that just is us. Every album has been more and more sophisticated and the production/songwriting has been upped one step at the time, mostly for the best.

You’re a duo in real life and in the music world, how do you balance working together with your personal life and does it influence your creativity?

Oh yeah I sure must have influenced us creatively. It's tough to balance from time to time. And sometimes hard to seperate from our family life. Having different roles inside the band is one way that makes things less confused and focused.