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The husband/wife duo comprised of Ola Frick and Carina Johansson Frick formed in 1997 in Malmö, Sweden as a shoegaze inspired band progressing steadily into more electronic directions. The critically acclaimed 2004 sophomore release, "The Orange Billboard" showcased a delicate mix of Pop, Lo-fi, electronic pop and experimentation. The Orange Billboard broke the band in Europe along with an extensive European tour. This led to the release of the mini album "War On Sound" with the title track being featured in its entirety on Grey’s Anatomy. The track was an immediate indie anthem in Sweden and established the band internationally. 

The duo moved to Berlin where they were deeply inspired by the local house and dance scene. It was there they began picking up new ideas, and moving the band in a new, much more electronic direction. Through the highs of success and the lows of an identity crisis resulting from it, they searched and rediscovered their core, that place of making nuanced music that is both personal and melodic without betraying their artistic sensibilities. Ola Frick, one-half of the Swedish duo elaborates, “I think this is something that is deeply needed in the rushed state of the world. Music that’s has a deep sense of colors and shades, meaningfulness, and making it without any sort of superficialities." After a seven-year hiatus, the duo returned with the album "Wizards on the Beach". 

Nooga writer Joshua Pickard called the album "Beautiful, labyrinthine and otherworldly, and it's one of the best releases so far of 2015.” while Popmatters wrote  "They’ve managed to create an album that should stand the test of time when all others currently exploring similar sonic territory have faded into the background."

Ola Frick, one-half of the Swedish duo elaborates, "This album began as an experimentation of songwriting. After Seven years of working on this album, we are extremely proud of the songs and the direction it took. 'Wizards on the Beach' turned from being an artist's worst nightmare to something that we feel is unique, interesting and experimental, but in its core is all about being honest and pure and doing music that speaks to yourself."

Recently featured by BBC6, Brooklyn Vegan, Fresh on the Net, Culture Collide, Under The Radar among many and the first single of the album "Chorus" launched its way up to #6 on the Hype Machine charts.