"This melodious synthfest still retains its 80s pop sensibilities though, with its dreamy, wistful vocals backdropped by a thumping electronic beat. Plenty of reverb, catchy hooks and pulsating percussive sounds should make it a huge hit on Euro dance floors – tightly arranged, roomy in feel, this is one lush pop/dance track." 
--- Derval McCloat, JA JA JA (8/11/15)

”Dive into the stellar but organically build up music created by the husband/wife duo Ola Frick & Carina Johanssson Frick : a refreshingly electronic sound with a sparkling indie-vibe at the same time. The perfect songs for dreaming while you are not dancing or just the other way around! Their great, fresh and unique electronic pop sound got a rework of some of the finest remixers of the moment. Go discover them now! ”
--- Deer Du Bois (28/10/15)

”When receiving this remix, I was speechless. Two great Swedish artists collaborating on a remix. This great rendition by fellow Swedish, dream-pop artist The Land Below, a hidden gem who has quietly hypnotized listeners with his gorgeous sound. The song has an early Phantogram vibe – trippy almost trance-like yet dreamy and stunning.”
— Ben Yung, The Revue (23/10/15)

”Chorus Retake, a compelling and emotional 80s-nodding synthpop cut from the album. The music is spacey but tight, and the vocal work, is breathy and still dreamy. But for a somewhat scratchy master recording, I’m on board with this cut. I’m eager to hear how the other retakes pan out. If they’re anything like “Chorus,” it’ll be a beautiful experience.”
--- Aaron Vehling, Vehlinggo (24/10/15)

”Let’s not kid ourselves: for all the moody and dramatic stuff that we post on here regularly, what we tend to hurry back to throughout the day is the candy floss, bouncy, glitter-covered dance tunes that keep our heart rate up and our energy levels pumped up enough to get us through that final bit of office or house work. That said, we’re going to set this tune from Moonbabies in heavy rotation for a while. A long, long while.”
--- Robert Ham, Nordic Spotlight (15/10/15)

"It's a work that digs deep. It rewards repeated listens, with lyrical questions revealing possible explanations as aural textures subsume and melodies ingrain. It's another fine work in a fine cannon for a brilliant band"
--- Frank Valish, Under the Radar (1/7/15)

"Moonbabies reinvigorated by spending some time in Berlin's underground dance scene. Euphoric, synth-laden... suddenly everything doesn’t seem so bleak anymore. I'm all ready onboard! Really lovely stuff." 
--- Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6 (4/6/15)

"Moonbabies’ future could very well find the group continuing its more dance-informed style. Whether or not this is merely an attempt to tap into the zeitgeist remains to be seen, but at the very least they’ve managed to create three-quarters of an album that should stand the test of time when all others currently exploring similar sonic territory have faded into the background."
--- John Paul, Popmatters (6/9/15)

"Wizards on the Beach is a great blend of slightly playful (think Feels-era Animal Collective) and compositions that show Mooonbabies are serious about the music they write. The back and forth between experimentation and straightforward melodies on songs like "24" give the album a nice push and pull. Moonbabies have produced a very smart and heavily melodic album with Wizards on the Beach. They utilize electronics without making them the focal point, and have found a balance and fresh spirit with this new LP."
--- Ian Hays, Culture Collide (4/27/15) Rating: 80 out of 100

"If you are getting ready for the party or throwing a pillow party well here is your background music, incredibly fresh and juicy production. I watched my arm filling with goosebumps while dancing to this tune with my daughter earlier today. I’ve got a feeling that this tune will take over many dance floors in Europe and beyond. I’m sold. I love the track and adding to spring favourites."
--- Ola Szmidt, Fresh on the Net (4/28/15)

"The result is a phantasmagoric & magical electro pop journey. 'Wizards on the Beach' catches you from the first note till the very end of the album, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and hope for this world" 
---  /SKAUT/ Magazine (UK) (5/11/15)

"The new single finds the pair still in fine form, in their harmonic / anthemic / glitchy way. Glad to have you back, Moonbabies!" 
--- Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan (2/20/15)

”Wizards on the Beach has a dance-club quality I can’t recall any of the previous albums having, but also the same melodic sense and deep love for all sorts of pop music that I do remember, very well. They’re back, and, as they say, better than ever!”  
--- Dave Heaton, The Big Takeover (April Issue 2015)

"Sweden's Moonbabies return with their fantastic "Wizards on the Beach", A terrific, ten-song compilation of music that not only is influenced by their time in Berlin but in many ways is a snapshot of the duo’s entire career." 
--- Ben Yung, The Revue (4/28/15)

"With their new record, "Wizards on the Beach," they create a warbling and sometimes-minimal electronic aesthetic that carries them through a set of songs that stutter and then quietly slip into your subconscious. Balancing these austere and lush arrangements so that both receive the attention they so clearly deserve is a monumental task, but one that the band is clearly adept at handling. "Wizards on the Beach" is beautiful, labyrinthine and otherworldly, and it's one of the best releases so far of 2015." 
--- Joshua Pickard, (4/28/15)

”They’ve extended their roots of 90s Indie and grown it further with modern electropop in the vein of Hot Chip and Caribou, but are also reflecting back to the likes of Fleetwood Mac. Wizards on the Beach is the type of album you want to hear as a constant soundtrack to a rooftop party.” ---

”I have had this album on high rotation at home ever since I got a copy. Completely hooked. One part Hot Chip, two parts 80s Fleetwood Mac, a dash of Beach House and a sprinkle of early Eno makes the "Wizards on the Beach" sound by the Moonbabies.” 
--Sin Mariani, Yes ma'am (4/30/15)

”What can I tell you about this album, other than "you need it". Well, you need it if trippy, vibey, feel good electronica is your thing - and it is mine. The husband and wife duo mix the vocals up on the tracks which means that nothing really sounds samey, and they have a very distinct, stacatto and upbeat style to their sound, which is really charming. Get it in your collection now!” 
--Kit, The General Music Blog (5/27/15)

"Their music is soft, light and sounds similar to Fleetwood Mac but with a new and different modern edge." 
--- Magnet Magazine (1/29/15)

"A breezy electronic tune I’ve been digging from Swedish dream pop duo Moonbabies, who are releasing their first album in 7 years next spring." 
--- Music for Ants (2/18/15)

"Sweden's Moonbabies has been making sweet indie-pop music since the late '90s. Its 2004 album, The Orange Billboard, still stands as one of the best albums the genre may have ever seen. on ‘Chorus/Raindrops’ Single. Both songs display the Fricks' inimitable sense of melody and both stand with Moonbabies' best work."
--- Frank Valish, Under the Radar (9/15/14)

"The Swedish duo Moonbabies serves up a delightful blend of pop rich in electronic textural soundscapes and entrancing melodies synonymous with their Scandinavian homeland." 
--- Smoothie Tunes (3/09/15)

"Their sound varies from Shoegaze vibes to unrefined, static filled Electro Pop backed by dreamy soundscapes. Reinvigorated by Berlin's underground dance scene, Moonbabies decided to take their music in an entirely different direction, and thus far, we're loving the results." 
--- Mathias Rosenzweig, BLACKBOOK Magazine (3/09/15)

"Listening to a Moonbabies track is like stepping into a Salvador Dali painting. Surreal, instrumental washes and vibrant, danceable refrains create a new world for your imagination to run wild in, while echoing vocals paint dreamy self-portraits of the Swedish pop duo." 
--- Adrienne Provost, In Your Speakers (2/17/15)

"With its dreamy and joyful atmosphere, the album will be the soundtrack of a - yet another - good evening on the beach this summer. The album's success is because the ingredients are so good, and it's a very well executed mixture where the work and the experience of our two Swedes are showing up astonishingly well."
--- Maxime Champion, Les Trois Doigts De La Main (FRA) (4/29/15)

"How could you not want to listen to something that took seven years? Music should be something that opens doors for all of us, so join me in giving a listen today to, Moonbabies, it’ll be time well spent"
--- Scott, 50thirdand3rd (5/28/15) 

(On Pink Heart Mother) "The chord progression of the verses in this track is dark, with minor sustained bass chords, over which the vocals, that are shared by Ola and Carina, float in a melding that works beautifully. The chorus has a much lighter tone, and brings to mind the up-beat electronic sounds of Empire of The Sun, and yet with a chord progression which is unconventional and all Moonbabies’ own, moving around in a well-reasoned, yet erratic way. A wonderfully experimental single from the duo."
--- Records Press (6/02/15) 

"A fascinating album, which serves us dreamy pop, creative electronica, experimental indie, beautiful melodies and a lot more."
--- Pär Berglund, Meadow Music (4/28/15) 

"This album is a beautiful release, it has a strong nature feel; the dream pop nature of the record is something that is very appealing and mixed in with a huge dose of psychedelic tunes & the shoegazing (once in a while drone-like) nature of their music is great.  It is a relaxing record that will be a great addition to this summer’s soundtrack."
--- Eddie Carter - All The Time I Was Listening (4/28/15)

"Album of the Week!" 
--- Simon Edwards, Loose Canon (6 Towns Radio UK) (4/20/15)

"Exclusive Album Stream Premiere"
--- PureVolume (4/20/15) 

"Where most psychedelic musicians try to imitate a “trippy” experiment with ample guitar distortion and spacey lyrics, Moonbabies combine all sorts of different approaches to music, from electronica to shoegaze, and create a swirling ambience that is poppy enough to get caught in your head but just enough askew that it messes with it while its trapped in there. 
--- Nick Pearson - Pop Matters (8/8/05)

"Moonbabies deftly mix the accessible and the bizarre, assembling marvelously eclectic but still coherent pop." 
--- Peter Gerstenzang, Spin Magazine (4/29/07)

"Seriously, boy/girl harmonies and they’re Swedes. It’s a lock, I’m in."  
--- My Old Kentucky Blog (04/26/2011)

"I almost fell off my chair when I found out Moonbabies were coming to New York for CMJ. I became aware of them after the stellar 'The Orange Billboard', one of 2004's most underrated albums. It typifies Moonbabies' sound, which mixes classic pop sensibilities (and Frick and Johansson's lovely harmonies) with dips into electronics and shoegazer-ish dreaminess."
--- Bill Pearis - Brooklyn Vegan (10/12/09)

"Will the indie pop melody well ever run dry? Maybe, but in the meantime Moonbabies have busted the pipeline, and it's overflowing in their basement. Harmony, warm melody, and clever studio trickery color every inch of The Orange Billboard, Ola Frick and Carina Johansson's second full-length; its songs seem stung by a pinpoint of heat and filtered through a long prism, their elementary pop structure and crackling electronica jumbled into a dizzy rainbow of bewildering detachment. Are these people from Sweden or some kind of super-hip Candy Land?"
--- Johnny Loftus - AllMusic (8/25/09)

"Engaging various degrees of electronica and guitar-pop with slow, engaging tempos and vocal harmonies, Moonbabies have crystallized another fine pop album. Moonbabies employ a wide variety of tempos and textures on the album, and they’re all done with impressive precision."
--- Chris Force, QRO Magazine  (4/04/07)

"Very difficult to pinpoint a single artist that resembles Moonbabies. The only musician that springs to mind is Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous. That same unspoiled, almost unworldly habit of ignoring every musical trend and making your own unique music, without compromises, is a characteristic that Moonbabies tend to share with the lone cowboy from Virginia."
--- Tiny Mix Tapes (4/07/07)

The new material has also been repeatedly featured by I Heart Moosiq, Fringe Music Fix, Music and Other Drugs, Faded Decade, High Clouds, Spreading the Seed,  Largehearted BoyVinyl DistrictDiamond DepositWordkraphtSound and VisionSydsvenskan (SE), Impose MagazineNordik Simit (TUR), The Blue Walrus (UK), Nicorola (GER) and The Eclectic Eel Radio Show (UK) & the track 'Chorus' Climbed up to the #6 position of HYPEM charts in Dec 2014.