New 'Remake' Single!


| Just posted | The Premiere of a exclusive 'remake' single - Get it at 

We were asked to curate tomorrow’s Ello Newsletter, The GIF Project we launched last week turned out amazing, and today, dear 'ers,  we’re happy to announce the premiere of a new song - exclusively for Ello!

How the ’Retake' single came about: While in the studio working on our latest album "Wizards on the Beach", there were quite a few great ideas that really blew our minds, but for some reason we couldn’t finish. Fast fwd in time >> some weeks ago, we found a snippet of this really bouncy sun-drenched version of "The Ocean Kill". It inspired us to finally finish the track, and since it turned out better than we ever expected, we wanted to immediately share it with you, as a late-summer gift of sorts. Hope you enjoy!