'Wizards' is out!!! + Band Statement regarding the Album

Proud to announce 'Wizards on the Beach' is finally released and available online today! Here's a statement regarding the album (taken from Moonbabies facebook page):

Wooah friends, families and beloved listeners! Today is the day! Our new album ’Wizards on the Beach’ is un-leashed // it feels a little like letting your heart go!

If you like what we do, what can you do to support? 
Answer is: Bandcamp! 


As independent artists of 2015, we handle everything financially on our own and the future of how to to earn some money back lies in the hands of fans and supporters who understand the current climate.

With this release, we are asking for your support and giving you the option to pay what you want when you download the album at Bandcamp. (Nothing is fine too, we just ask you to tell some friends in return.)

THIS is the future for recording artists like us.

* Streaming is of course great, but you may know that artists are getting very little revenue from the likes of Spotify. The 400,000 plays of our song ’War on Sound’ resulted in $1.26 (10 SEK) to collect, for a reference.

At our Bandcamp you’ll get a super quality download (MP3, Lossless format of your choice) + we included some exclusive bonuses, and pressed the album in a limited Vinyl LP edition as well. Your money is transferred safely directly to us with few middle-hands.

Streaming = Totally Great
Bandcamp download = A Big Big Looove!

This album is a 100% product of love and passion for music and the mystique in life. We’re excited, and we are back and the future is here! Love to hear your views on the album! / O&C