The Revue (CA) reviews the album - Brilliantly!

Lovely review/album stream at The Revue today, here's a Excerpt: 

MOONBABIES - Wizards on the Beach
There are dance and electronic tracks, such as the opening song “Pink Heart Mother”, which sounds like something right out of Daft Punk’s discography, and the buzzy “Ocean to Kill”. There are numbers that recall their early lush and dreamy notes as heard on “Eli in the Woods”“24”, the gorgeous “Summerlong”, and the wonderfully anthemic “Chorus”.

The album also has the team achieve the playfulness they were missing in the past, namely on “Playground Dropouts, which hopefully isn’t about their son (read more below). In addition, there are more melodic, mellower numbers that wouldn’t be out of place on The Orange Billboard, particularly the title track“Bird Lay Frue”, and “Raindrops”. --BenYung