Pink Heart Blog Apprication


Joy of Violent Movement Music Blog - “Pink Heart Mother” is a glittering synth-pop track that sounds as though it were inspired by Homework and Discovery-era Daft Punk but with a gentleness at its heart — it’s comprised of layers of synths, room rocking bass and drum, Carina Johansson Frick’s breathy and quietly determined vocals and pairs that with the Frick’s eerily ethereal harmonies that wrap themselves around the hook.” 

Diamond Deposits - MUSIC FOR THE SOUL "The heart of Eighties pop beats strongly and loudly in the new track from electro pop husband and wife duo Moonbabies. Pink Heart Mother is  pure unadulterated synth with strong vocals and focused lyrics. It’s a colourfully cosmic spaced out anthem for anyone who does not give up on their hopes! Enjoy this magical track on the artist’s Soundcloud!"

Synthpop Rocks - SONG OF THE DAY "Swedish indiepop duo, Moonbabies, recently released an outstanding and electrifying track entitled Pink Heart Mother. The electro synth melodies are ultra funky. Moreover, the heavy beat and dazzling mix of female and male vocals are also an incredible element."