More Blog Lovin'

More Blog Love for Moonbabies with a feature over at Faded Decade: "...A major inspiration for their sound has been the band, My Bloody Valentine, as the Moonbabies explain, "Loveless (and those EPs) are impregnated our musical DNA more than any other record. A Huge impact, although nowadays it’s barely noticeable. Just in a deeper spiritual sense.” Their most current work is partly a product of life in Berlin, as well as, “solving life-puzzles, and almost killing yourself for the art.”

And appreciation with a write-up at It's all about that Music"Meet Moonbabies, a dream pop duo from Malmo, Sweden. I really dig their sound and could definitely get accustomed to this style of music. They don't like to make comparisons to their sound, and why should they, because their sound is unique in their own way. With the millions of songs out there now, I'm still amazed how musicians are able to come up with their own sound. Moonbabies, you are one of a kind!"