Smoothie Tunes Interview

One of our favorite new US Music Blogs Smoothie Tunes conducted an pretty interesting interview with Moonbabies.

Q:  Hey Moonbabies! Can you talk more about your new single? What inspired it? Will it be part of a forthcoming EP?
A: Hey Smoothie Tunes! It’s the lead-off first track of “Wizards on the Beach” our first album in ages. Pink Heart Mother was one tough song to get right. I think the first seed of the original idea was made around Spring of 2011, which made it a four year project to get finished! Actually many songs of the new album was just such painstakingly hellish endeavours to cope with it’s pretty astounding that we didn’t quit and leave it all alone and get on with our lives. But yeah, in the end i’m extremely happy that it was completed.  It’s pretty unique. Dreamy and fluffy/crunchy. Mad! Inspirations are really nothing and everything when it comes to us creating songs, it’s just starts with a feeling or a idea or something that just triggers your imagination and then you just help that idea to develop into a production and so forth. Can’t see any direct influences on that track. Lyrically it’s about a woman who decides to turn her live around 180 degrees, and follows her instincts to have a big change, for the better or the worse. It’s about a few people we know. Read the whole feature

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