New 'Remake' Single!

We were asked to curate tomorrow’s Ello Newsletter, The GIF Project we launched last week turned out amazing, and today we’re happy to announce the premiere of a new song - exclusively for Ello!

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Looking for Video-Gif Artist

The pots and pans are boiling in the basement. Some seriously exciting stuff in the making. And for one of these upcoming projects we're looking for a Creative Video artist for a special Release.

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Fringe Music Fix

The Superb FRINGE MUSIC FIX are including RATATAT, Daphni, Toro y Moi and the Moonbabies Super-Summer-glitchy 'Summerlong Wave' in their Staff Picks Compilation. Yay! Check it!

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Playlist #4: Fear vs Comfort

Moonbabies Picks #4: Fear vs Comfort. Chosen by Ola & Carina: featuring new and old tracks with common theme - the ever so fascinating thin-red-line between the fear vs comfort. Mew, Moonbabies, Björk, Blind Lake, Sufjan Stevens and many more.

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More Moonbabies Interviews

Two fine new interviews review came in during the weekend:

Yesma'am (Australia):
"1 part Hot Chip, 2 parts Fleetwood Mac, dash of Beach House + sprinkle of Eno" On 'Wizards on the Beach'.

Sydsvenskan (Sweden):
"Electronic impulses in a pop kaleidoscope"

Like to edit this weird video?

Posted on Moonbabies Twitter:

Last summer we shot this weird video for 'Eli in the Woods'! Any aspiring video makers like to finish it? We can't :)

We simply don't have the knowledge and the time. You or anyone you know might be interested? Email us: moonbabies[at]mac[dot]com

More Great reviews are pouring in!

Some fantastic new reviews are coming in: 

"Wizards on the Beach is a great blend of slightly playful (think Feels-era Animal Collective) and compositions that show Mooonbabies are serious about the music they write. The back and forth between experimentation and straightforward melodies on songs like "24" give the album a nice push and pull. Moonbabies have produced a very smart and heavily melodic album with Wizards on the Beach. They utilize electronics without making them the focal point, and have found a balance and fresh spirit with this new LP." --- Ian Hayes (GRADE : 80)

"If you are getting ready for the party or throwing a pillow party well here is your background music, incredibly fresh and juicy production. I watched my arm filling with goosebumps while dancing to this tune with my daughter earlier today. I’ve got a feeling that this tune will take over many dance floors in Europe and beyond. Let’s see where their hard work and passion will take them. I’m sold. I love the track and adding to spring favourites." ---Ola Szmidt

"This album is a beautiful release, it has a strong nature feel (which is helped with a lot of the samples used throughout the album); the dream pop nature of the record is something that is very appealing and mixed in with a huge dose of psychedelic tunes & the shoegazing (once in a while drone-like) nature of their music is great.  It is a relaxing record that will be a great addition to this summer’s soundtrack." --- (8 out of ten)

"Using this newfound freedom to explore the deep pop nooks and elastic synth crevices of their new musical home, the duo developed a sound that took the tendencies of their past work and filtered them through a Technicolor spectrum of synth melodies and expansive rhythms, resulting in a mass of vibrant sounds and textures that feel completely new and wholly their own. It's been seven years since Moonbabies released their last record, but that time spent away from the studio hasn't dulled their synth edge to any degree. If anything, it has allowed them to refocus their time and attention on what music they really want to make. With their new record, "Wizards on the Beach," they create a warbling and sometimes-minimal electronic aesthetic that carries them through a set of songs that stutter and then quietly slip into your subconscious. Balancing these austere and lush arrangements so that both receive the attention they so clearly deserve is a monumental task, but one that the band is clearly adept at handling. "Wizards on the Beach" is beautiful, labyrinthine and otherworldly, and it's one of the best releases so far of 2015." --- Joshua Pickard 

"With its dreamy and joyful atmosphere, the album will be more than the soundtrack of a - yet another - good evening on the beach this summer. The album is very successful because the ingredients are so good, and mainly because it's a great and well executed mixture. The work and the experience of our two Swedes are showing up very well and the result is an album that can be recommended to almost everyone." --- Maxime

"A fascinating album, which serves us dreamy pop, creative electronica, experimental indie, beautiful melodies and a lot more." --- Pär Berglund

"”Wizards on the Beach is the album I want in my headphones while walking on a a hot sun-drenched pavement. Or the type of album you want to hear as a constant soundtrack to a rooftop party in Brooklym, Berlin or Malmö" --- Madeline Bergquist


The Revue (CA) reviews the album - Brilliantly!

Lovely review/album stream at The Revue today, here's a Excerpt: 

MOONBABIES - Wizards on the Beach
There are dance and electronic tracks, such as the opening song “Pink Heart Mother”, which sounds like something right out of Daft Punk’s discography, and the buzzy “Ocean to Kill”. There are numbers that recall their early lush and dreamy notes as heard on “Eli in the Woods”“24”, the gorgeous “Summerlong”, and the wonderfully anthemic “Chorus”.

The album also has the team achieve the playfulness they were missing in the past, namely on “Playground Dropouts, which hopefully isn’t about their son (read more below). In addition, there are more melodic, mellower numbers that wouldn’t be out of place on The Orange Billboard, particularly the title track“Bird Lay Frue”, and “Raindrops”. --BenYung

'Wizards' is out!!! + Band Statement regarding the Album

Proud to announce 'Wizards on the Beach' is finally released and available online today! Here's a statement regarding the album (taken from Moonbabies facebook page):

Wooah friends, families and beloved listeners! Today is the day! Our new album ’Wizards on the Beach’ is un-leashed // it feels a little like letting your heart go!

If you like what we do, what can you do to support? 
Answer is: Bandcamp! 


As independent artists of 2015, we handle everything financially on our own and the future of how to to earn some money back lies in the hands of fans and supporters who understand the current climate.

With this release, we are asking for your support and giving you the option to pay what you want when you download the album at Bandcamp. (Nothing is fine too, we just ask you to tell some friends in return.)

THIS is the future for recording artists like us.

* Streaming is of course great, but you may know that artists are getting very little revenue from the likes of Spotify. The 400,000 plays of our song ’War on Sound’ resulted in $1.26 (10 SEK) to collect, for a reference.

At our Bandcamp you’ll get a super quality download (MP3, Lossless format of your choice) + we included some exclusive bonuses, and pressed the album in a limited Vinyl LP edition as well. Your money is transferred safely directly to us with few middle-hands.

Streaming = Totally Great
Bandcamp download = A Big Big Looove!

This album is a 100% product of love and passion for music and the mystique in life. We’re excited, and we are back and the future is here! Love to hear your views on the album! / O&C


Moonbabies Playlist #3 - Lazy!

Chosen by Moonbabies' Ola & Carina: A Playlist for that Good Lazy - Slow, Sunshine through the Window -  Feeling. Velvet Underground, Hey Elbow, Cocteu Twins, Spiritulized... and more Great stuff!