Cat: CULTR215-4
Format: Digital/LP
Label: Culture Hero
Album Release: Oct 28 

Wizards on the Beach (Deluxe Edition) Track Listing

01 Pink Heart Mother
02 Wizards on the Beach
03 Raindrops
04 Eli in the Woods
05 Bird Lay Frue
06 Playground Dropouts
07 "24"
08 Summerlong Wave
09 Chorus
10 The Ocean Kill

11 Leaving Shadows*
12 Wizards on the Beach (Watermark High Remix)*
13 The Ocean Kill Retake*
14 Wizards on the Beach (The Land Below Remix)*
15 Playground Dropouts Retake*
16 "24" (The Glass Children Remix)*
17 Head Cleaner*
18 Chorus Retake*
19 The Ocean Kill (Jan Hertz Remix)*
20 Divine*
21 Bird Lay Frue (Orange Crate Art Remix)*
22 Eli in the Woods (Cantaloupe Remix)*

* Remixes, Outtakes & Retakes

Disc 1:  Soundcloud Stream // Disc 2:  Soundcloud Stream 

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The Dream Pop Husband/Wife Duo Moonbabies formed in 1997 in Malmö, Sweden as a shoegaze inspired band progressing steadily into more electronic directions. After a seven-year hiatus, the duo returned with the album "Wizards on the Beach", earlier this spring, which is now given the Deluxe Editiontreatment, complete with twelve extra songs

Six of the additional songs are alternate reworked versions and outtakes from the Wizards on the Beach studio sessions. The six other songs are remixes by some musical collaborators and friends from The Glass Children (UK), Watermark High (South Africa),The Land Below (Sweden), Orange Crate Art (Sweden), Cantaloupe (UK) & Jan Hertz (Germany).

Nooga writer Joshua Pickard called the album "Beautiful, labyrinthine and otherworldly, and it's one of the best releases so far of 2015.” while Popmatters proclaiming "They’ve managed to create an album that should stand the test of time when all others currently exploring similar sonic territory have faded into the background."

The deluxe edition of 'Wizards on the Beach' is out digitally via Culture Hero on Oct. 28


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